Project developments


Results for 2014


Hotline offers consultations on weekdays. The phone number is publicised through social services, shelters and AA groups. Clients are also offered consultations if they express such wish. The calls are registered in journal.

2. Development of propositions for the Labour Law improvements

Lead by a lawyer, the working group (including volunteers, employers, members of NGOs) summarised the results of survey on discrimination in the labour market and analysed the experience in other countries, and developed proposals for amendments in the Labour Law.

3. Development of a cooperation network among organizations working with addict rehabilitation

Organisations share information about their practice in rehabilitationi, two seminars (17 June and  22 October 2014) have been held with the aim to summarise experience, generate new solutions and exchange good practice with neighbors (Lithuanis). Informations of the NGO network is placed in the home pages of Nova Vita.

Association Re-socialization and Integration Association was registered in the Enterprise Register of Latvia, and serves as the platform for cooperation.  In 2014 Kalna svētību kopiena joined the association.

4. Participation in creation of a regional rehabilitation centre

A regional rehabilitation centre in Olaine, Pēternieki, has been created as an extension of Bethlehem House of Charity. The building has been repaired, new veranda has been started, there is already a product exchange with the Bethlehem House of Charity, which will continue into the future. The clients of the Bethlehem House of Charity undergo phase 1 of rehabilitation at Pēternieki.

There are plans to extend the rehabilitation centre network and start a centre in Daugavpils.

5. Volunteer training (supervisions)

There are monthly group meetings and supervisions to enhance the volunteer competences and teamwork. Thus the burnout risk is efficiently diminished. 7-9 volunteers receive supervision, or individual psychological consultations if necessary.

6.Launching a home page

Homepage at  www.novavita.lv has been launched and is regularly updated.