NGO Networking


On 21 January, 2014 the Association Re-socialization and Integration Association was registered in the Enterprise Register of Latvia.

It is composed of three NGO: Foundation Fund Blue Cross’ Association, Foundation Integration Society and Foundation Nova Vita.

The Association has been established to defend the people who come out of prison, to help them successfully re-socialize in the society and, if necessary, offer rehabilitation from addictions.

Active NGO networking has proved to be necessary to find and implement the most effective strategy in rehabilitation of the people who come to us for help.

So we need to identify all organizations that provide various forms of assistance to addicts. In the project “Addicted: de jure and de facto” opening the seminar we found that cooperation is needed not only among NGOs but also with the state institutions because we have the same clients.

We will agree upon the most effective forms of cooperation at a joint seminar. Both NGOs and government agencies are invited (such as the State Employment Agency , Probation Service, social services, police, night shelters, etc..).

The following organizations have expressed their approval

Association “Kalnu svētību kopiena” http://www.bruknaskopiena.lv/

International Women’s Club http://www.iwcr.lv/latvia/ 

Rehabilitation Centre “Gaujas līči”

Association “Neatkarība Balt” http://www.neatkariba-balt.lv/lv.html

Associacion “Dia+logs” http://www.diacentrs.lv/

RSU “Minesotas programma”

“Atkarības Psihologu asociācija” http://atkaribaspsihologi.wordpress.com/

Atkarību profilakses centrs “Jūrmala”

Association “Pins” http://www.pins.lv/

Association “Zilais krusts” http://www.zilaiskrusts.lv/

Association “Integrācija sabiedrībai”

LRKB “Cietuma kapelānu dienests”

Youth with Mission http://www.ywamvpils.com/

Riga night shelter

Association “Tautas palīdzības fonds”

“Nodarbinātības Valsts aģentūra” http://www.nva.gov.lv/

Foundation “Caritas Latvija” http://www.caritaslatvija.lv/

But others are also invited to participate.