Rehabilitation Centre Pēternieki


On 1 September 2011 we opened a social motivation centre at Pēternieki, Olaine municipality.

Here we plan to start the first step of Minnesota Program, so that for a month the clients can try out and motivate themselves to continue treatment at the rehabilitation centre in Bethlehem House of Charity.

In the rural property we plan to develop a farm to support the Rehabilitation Centre. Riga International Women’s Club is our sponsor in that.

From 2014 we plan to start social entrepreneurship with carpentry and candle making, we plan to buy the necessary hardware for the activities.

This is also a beautiful place for the clients of Bethlehem House of Charity to go out in nature or celebrate the midsummer.

By 18 February 2014, 40 potential and current clients have resided in Pēternieki.

In pictures: