Social entrepeneurship

Social businesses are companies that have a positive social impact and address social objectives as their corporate aim rather than only maximising profit.

The term ‘social business’ is used to cover an enterprise:

  • whose primary objective is to achieve social impact rather than generating profit for owners and shareholders;

  • which operates in the market through the production of goods and services in an entrepreneurial and innovative way;

  • which uses surpluses mainly to achieve these social goals and

  • which is managed by social entrepreneurs in an accountable and transparent way, in particular by involving workers, customers and stakeholders affected by its business activity.

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In the project Addicted: de iure and de facto, we will establish what services/products are necessary and what services/products can be provided by our clients, exchange information with other social business entities, and test the viability of social entrepreneurship ideas. We will also network with local businesses and develop guidelines for social business projects.