With the trust and blessing of the Archbishop of Roman Catholic Church in Latvia Zbigņevs Stankevičs, we have received (in rent) the building on Catholic St. 14 for the social rehabilitation centre “Bethlehem House of Charity”. In 2011 we developed facilities for the addict rehabilitation needs there. With the support of some private sponsors we renovated the shower room and toilet. We bought one of the wood-fired boilers and another was sponsored from “RBS  Skals”.’

Donating to our rehabilitation centre has its advantages, as our organization has  the status of a social benefit.

The official foundation day or ‘birthday’ of our rehabilitation centre is 31 August 2011, when the first client joined the centre.

Originally the rehabilitation program was designed like similar rehabilitation centres in Ukraine, in cooperation with the Capuchin Friars Minor and lay ministers prepared in Missionary school in the Ukraine. After the first year of existence, we realized the need for a more in-depth rehab program. Based on Latvian addiction specialist experience we decided to start a rehabilitation program with Minnesota’s 12 Steps, and the current aim is developing the most effective rehabilitation and adaptation program.

The Bethlehem House of Charity  operation by August 2013 existed only on a voluntary basis. Since November 2013, when we started to realize the EEA Financial Mechanism projects, we can afford to hire professionals and develop rehabilitation programs and launch social entrepreneurship.