Project implementation


Intermediary report

1.Preventive activities for the reduction of violence in families

The consultation centre continues to work under the direction of voluntary psychologist L. Roķe. 50 consultations have taken place in the accounting period. The self-help group meetings continue, infomation about the group can be found in various home pages in the Internet.

Summer camp for the recovering addicts and their family members

took place in “Gaujaslīči” near Cēsis. The campers evaluated the experience positively..

2.Developing of a rehabilitation and adaptation program for addicts

The rehabilitation program was developed during November and Decembr 2013, and is based on Minnesota 12 Steps and developed and coordinated by L. Roķe- Reimate. Addiction psychologist, specialist on drug abuse, art therapist, social worker and volunteers from the foundation work in the program.

Program was started on 2 January 2014, in Bethlehem House of Charity (14 Katoļu iela, Riga). The specialists of the program provide feedback to the program management on a weekly basis. It has been found that the program has to be subdivided into four phases, thus letting to evaluate the progress of the clients more precisely.

On 31 October 2014 12 clients participated in the program, six new clients were taken on.

3.Preparing pilot project and guidelines of social entrepreneurship

After analysis of available information sources and examples of good practice, it was decided to start a candle making project in January 2014. At the end of the accounting period all the necessary equipment was obtained, facilities prepared, people had received preliminary training.

Also the clients of the program are taught basic carpentry.

4. Volunteer training

According to the plan for 2014,  volunteer training took place for those who finished the 12 Step program and other volunteers of the Foundation. 6 to 7 persons participated in the training.