Integrated approach to resocialize addicted persons


Project of EEA financial instrument „NGO Project program” No.2012.EEA/PP1/MEC/060/020 „Integrated approach to resocialize addicted persons”.

The aim of the project is to implement integrated approach to social inclusion of addicted persons by developing the preventive activities for the reduction of violence in families and support to co-addicted persons, by offering innovative rehabilitation service to addicted persons as well as by developing social entrepreneurship.

The target group of the project are the addicted persons from social risk groups, including poor and homeless persons and persons released from prison, as well as family members of these people (co-addicts).

The project activities include: consultations for family members of addicted  persons, organizing mutual-help groups for co-addicts and an educational camp for addicts and their family members. The rehabilitation and adaptation program for addicts will be developed and carried out. The pilot project of social entrepreneurship will be put into practice, creating a multi-functional complex of workshops where addicted people who are recovering will have an option for work. The volunteers of foundations will receive training about addictions. The methodological material about project activities will be published, informing the society about the topics of project. The results of the project and good practice will be distributed in cooperation with the project partner – Welfare department of Riga City Council.

The project will be carried out in Riga, Katolu street 14, on the premises of rehabilitation centre Bethlehem house of Charity.