Addicted: de iure and de facto


Foundation “Nova Vita”

EEA Financial Instrument “NGO activity support program ” Project “Addicted: de jure and de facto”

Project manager and coordinator Sanita Cevere.

Our target group of the project:

  • people who have undergone addict rehabilitation, who are aware of their disease, have worked with their feelings at “12-step”program and face discrimination in the labour market;
  • society (employers, mass sources, family, co-addicted);
  • organizations working with addicts (governmental and non-governmental)

The purpose of project is to explore and actualize the discrimination in the labour market of addicted people who have received treatment in the different rehabilitation programs. The project aims at involving non-governmental organizations, state institutions and society in general in this process as well as strengthening the institutional and human resources by joining the analogous organizations in a cooperation network with the purpose to protect the rights of recovering addicted people.  At the organizational level we aim at increasing the number of involved volunteers, to promote their competency in work with addicts.

The project will be carried out in Riga, in the rehabilitation centre Bethlehem House of Charity. Coordination with institutions throughout all regions in Latvia will be carried out there.

The main activities of the project are:

  • to establish a hotline for the analysis of discrimination cases of recovering addicted people.
  • participation in the development of propositions for the legislation improvements in the field of protection addicted people from discrimination;
  • development of a cooperation network among all organizations working with addict rehabilitation;
  • training course or supervisions for volunteers of organization;
  • development of a home page of organization for publicity of the project;
  • participation in the opening of new rehabilitation centre in Olaine or Daugavpils;
  • building project publicity;

The main results planned in project are an overview of discrimination of recovering addicts, expanding of information exchange about the topic and representation at national level, the increase in the competencies of volunteers, increased awareness in the society and partners about the needs and potentialities of the addicted people.

Project implementation period: 07/01/2013- 31/12/2015

The Operational Programme: 35000,00 LVL(latvian lats) or 49800, 80 Eur.

Project applicant`s funding in this: 3500, 00 LVL or 4980, 08 Eur.

Project manager and coordinator Sanita Cevere