In 2009 two people were inspired by the work of the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa Congregation House) in Riga and decided to create a half-way house for the homeless and those who suffer from addictions and are the least protected part of the society.

Both of them – Līga Roķe and Roman Catholic Archbishop in Latvia, Zbigņevs Stankevičs – shared their thoughts with the Prioress of MC, Sister Velone. They were joined by three other enthusiasts and developed the Statutes for the foundation Nova Vita. The title is symbolic of the new life the organisation offers to those people who have lost their homes because of addictions.

The Foundation Nova Vita is registered in the Enterprise Register of Latvia on 6 March, 2009. On 20 May, 2009 the organisation acquired the status of public benefit.

The Roman Catholic Church assigned Nova Vita  a building at 14 Katoļu street in Riga. A multifunctional centre of evangelisation has been created there under the leadership of Valija Anskaite, also called Dana. The facility is situated next to St. Francis Roman Catholic church.

Currently the board of the Foundation consists of three persons: Valija Anskaite, Līga Roķe and Sanita Čevere. They are in charge of the Rehabilitation Centre, project writing and implementation.

Our Vision

The aim of the Foundation is to facilitate rehabilitation of the homeless and addicts, their social integration and improvement of quality of life; enhance possibilities for improvement of physical, intellectual, spiritual and social functionality of the addicts and homeless; encourage them to receive help and services that could change their lives, thus achieving lifestyle and environment worthy of human dignity.

Our Mission

We want to serve our brothers and sisters, those poorest in particular, helping them to become free of addictions and return to dignified life. We know that this is the work of God, and follow His call not to be indifferent towards those around us.

“Bethlehem house of Charity” is the place where we welcome people who suffer from addictions and want to become free, and are ready to live, work and pray with our community for a certain period of time..

Our Future Plans

We plan to develop our activities, creating:

  • a soup kitchen for the homeless;
  • a day centre for young people from socially disadvantageous families;
  • self-help group for family members of addicts and people with co-addiction


Roman Catholic Archbishop in Latvia Zbigņevs Stankevičs (unoficially)
Līga Roķe
Sanita Čevere (Head of the Board 2009-2013)
Artūrs Meļņikovs
Vladislavs Golubevs
Egita Bete-Jurkevica
Valija Anskaite (Head of the Board since 2013)